Everything is temporary.

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Joyce Manor

—Heated Swimming Pool

I wish you would have died in high school

So you could be somebody’s idol

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Anonymous asked: Who are you crushing on?

A girl, duh.

Am I dumb for having a crush? I think so, but I’ve never considered myself the brightest person.

Dad Punchers

—Instant Stream


"Instant Stream" | Dad Punchers

"What’s the point in pets? You get attached and they die, you get bummed and it makes you realize that this is temporary."

Touché Amoré

—Method Act


Touché Amoré | Method Act

"These days I just try to keep to myself, well aware I’ve lost touch with everyone else."

frankie cosmos

—birthday song


just because i am a certain age
doesn’t mean that i am any older
than i was yesterday

cause i get all flushed and ugly
wonder how ever he loved me
i am so clumsy

i think how repulsive to you
it must be when i refuse
to do the things you want me to

i hate everybody in this town
so i walk around with my head down
and sit alone

sometimes i just want you jojo
but i know that that is no no
it’s so impossible