no one lives here anymore.

This is a blog that was ran by a kid named Dalton from Michigan.
Tiny Moving Parts

—Always Focused


Tiny Moving Parts - Always Focused

Tonight I will feel alive.



tooth fairy | daspatch

i’m not the highschool football hero or the scholar your parents wanted you to date, and i guess i understand if you wanna knock out all of my teeth. but if you can find it in your heart to forgive my lies and my mistakes, i left a homecoming invitation under my pillowcase. spent my entire ukiah summer sitting in your backyard, and if that’s no consolation then tell your mom that i was wrong about her daughter and her gift to see the best in anyone, cause i had the best intentions


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I Kill Giants



I Kill Giants- Collector

i feel fine when the stars align, 
i feel fine when my body’s warm. 
you feel fine all the time. 
it fucking feels cold. 

Joyce Manor

—End of the Summer



Joyce Manor // End of the Summer

you can be your own dad