Everything is temporary.

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Do I keep my septum ring? Do I switch to a nostril ring? Do I just have neither? Help.

Park Jefferson

—Dead or Dying

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m dying.
And my lungs are turning black from the smoking,
but I am not afraid.

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Anonymous asked: What are some things you're so glad you did in highschool, and things you wish you hadn't done?

I’m really pleased with my entire high school experience, If I started over I’d do it all the same. Nothing went wrong until I became an adult and graduated.

Joyce Manor

—Heated Swimming Pool

I wish you would have died in high school

So you could be somebody’s idol

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Anonymous asked: Who are you crushing on?

A girl, duh.

Am I dumb for having a crush? I think so, but I’ve never considered myself the brightest person.

Dad Punchers

—Instant Stream


"Instant Stream" | Dad Punchers

"What’s the point in pets? You get attached and they die, you get bummed and it makes you realize that this is temporary."